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One of the core messages of Obamacare For Smarties is our need to look beyond Obamacare to the underlying flaws in our healthcare delivery system. And that’s what MedSmarts – the bonus ebook that’s an accompaniment to Obamacare For Smarties - is all about.

Rather than overwhelm you all at once, though, this ebook will be delivered to you in chapters via email over the next several weeks – so as not to distract you from focusing initially on Obamacare For Smarties. With the impending deadline to buy health insurance or face federal penalties, that’s the immediate priority.

But, once that deadline is passed, it’d be wise to follow-up on your health plan choice to see if there’s more you need to know about your healthcare – while it’s fresh in your mind.

Receiving a MedSmarts chapter in your email inbox every few days is the perfect way to transition from health insurance to health care - which is really what you’re concerned with, isn’t it? What good is a health plan if the actual healthcare you receive is sub-par, or even dangerous?

So while you’re reading Obamacare For Smarties, you’ll also be spoon-fed an introduction to America’s healthcare system – warts and all.

And in few weeks time, you’ll not only be an Obamacare Smarty, but a better-informed and more alert medical consumer as well.

Pretty good for a few weeks time and a few bucks spent, isn’t it?  And especially so in comparison with the huge financial and medical risks of remaining in the dark.

Your Introduction to MedSmarts can be downloaded with your purchase of Obamacare For Smarties. You’ll receive an email shortly after your purchase that you’ll need to confirm by clicking a link in the email so you can receive the remaining chapters every few days for the next several weeks.

Between both ebooks, you’re in for a really eye-opening experience. And you’ll be much better prepared to confront whatever health problems you encounter in the future – with medsmarts.

Get started by clicking the orange button below and be on your way – for under $10 – in minutes.

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John Lynch was founder and CEO of Medical Diagnostics, Inc. - twice named to Business Week's "Best Small Companies" in America. He also has extensive experience in hospital planning and management, regional health planning, strategic planning, community health, and consumer advocacy. He founded MedSmart Members to publish consumer health education publications like Obamacare For Smarties.

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